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Best Tread Board Supplier in China

Jiangyin Zhenyuan Steel Grating Co., Ltd. is a leading tread board supplier in China. Zhenyuan manufactures all kinds of steel gratings and steel tread boards.We are located in the well-known Yangtze River in the country. Zhenyuan is a strictly compliant company with regard to steel quality. We are a steel gratings manufacturer that uses GB704-88 steel standard and steel grating YB/T4001-1998 standard.

Our primary and flagship products include tread grating, ditch cover, ceiling, ball joint railing, composite steel grating, and much more. All of our steel products embody our commitment to offering a wide variety of wire mesh that too at affordable prices.

Tread is a horizontal surface upon which a person will place his step. A term used similar to tread known as runs, although several people refer to these as steps in the meaning of individual treads. Many staircase use treads that are level and join with risers to form a 90-degree angle. There are cases where the treads might slope at a slight angle, or the tread will have a curve.

To match the needs of increased levels of pedestrian traffic, stair tread boards form a large, durable 6mm GRP anti-slip surface for the use of all environments. The colors will retain permanently contrasting as they are crucial to the structure. This attribute is distinct from products where the highlighted edge colors are surface applied and is specifically essential to maintain relevant Building Act Regulations compliance where tread board steps may be subject to higher levels of usage.

Our tread board provides several benefits. Highly effective anti-slip safety surface significantly reduces the likelihood of accidents on stairs and permanently contrasting nose to the riser and tread: high durability surface, weather-resistant, and Low life cycle costs.

Quality Tread Board Supplier

Apart from above, the advantages of the steel tread board are its abrasion resistance, comfortable cleaning, low maintenance, hygienic applications, and it can sustain high traffic and wear & tear environments. Applications include flooring for clinics and hospitals, shopping centers, and factories for high crowd areas, industrial walkways, pedestrian bridges, escalators, kick plates, stair treads, emergency fire landings, and a broad range of other uses.

You will find manufacturing precision manufacturing flexibility and dedicated customer support while working with us as a reputable tread board supplier.We are a steel gratings supplier with a full set of professional steel grating production lines, products, and services that have passed ISO 9001 international certification standards. Zheyuan has been a major stainless tread board Manufacturer for all large-scale projects. We manufacture and deliver our treads across China.

We understand the contractual, technical, and commercial project specification needs accurately. We have our well-versed Quality Assurance (QA) department to make sure we do not produce an inferior or non-compliant tread board. Zhenyuan has more than a decade of experience in producing treads. We are a professional problem-solving company that provides us with a competitive edge.

So, if you are searching for a reliable tread board supplier, Jiangyin Zhenyuan Steel Grating Co., Ltd. is the right choice for you.

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