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October 11, 2019
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Composite Steel Grating Ceiling


Composite Steel Grating Ceiling Manufacturer in China

Jiangyin Zhenyuan Steel Grating Co., Ltd. is a leading Composite steel grating Ceiling manufacturer in China. Zhenyuan offers all types of steel gratings and steel ladders. We are located in the well-known Yangtze River in the country, while Zhenyuan is a strictly compliant company with regards to steel quality.

Our primary products include tread grating, ditch cover, ceiling, ball joint railing, steel grating, and much more. All of our steel products depict our commitment to cover a wide variety of steel-related goods, that too at affordable prices. As a quality Composite steel grating Ceiling supplier, we care about the quality of the work. Our people, like our steel-led products, are highly reliable. We are committed to getting the job on-time.

The steel grating ceiling is designed to fit standard ceiling suspension systems. Ceiling mesh is a perfect choice for achieving a contemporary yet industrial look for any project. The range is produced so you can buy or replace your current ceiling tiles with our composite steel grating ceiling with ease and without replacement need for your grid system.

We produce ceiling for architects, contractors, and designers for customizing projects where significant open areas are needed to be covered. The steel grating ceiling is excellent for transportation hubs and old buildings’ renovations to help provide a model appearance and spaces with vast ceiling areas. Each product can be manufactured in a variety of different materials and can be finished in a broad range of various colors and finishes.

Quality Composite Steel Grating Ceiling Manufacturer

Critical Attributes of Zhenyuan as a composite steel grating ceiling manufacturer are plenty. For example, form our ceiling, you can create an open and contemporary feel. Improve lighting conditions within and outside the room. Easy and straightforward to install with additional colors, sizes, and patterns available as customized options.

Composite steel grating ceiling with low-weight, high-strength, and decorative benefits is commonly used for airport, bus station, railway station, subway, exhibition hall, commercial center, and hallway. The steel grating ceiling is produced by bearing bars and crossbars. The combined structure of the crossbar and bearing bar through hydraulically swaged under high pressure gives high stability and stiffness.

Here at Zhenyuan, our topmost priority is to provide customers with only the best steel grating products. Our primary target is to supply high quality, secure, and cost-effective products to all our customers. Our main strength is our staff. We recognize their expertise and encourage them to take the initiative. We have been lucky to continue to attract and retain a team of quality and qualified technicians who know their jobs rather well.

At Zhenyuan, customer satisfaction is our main target. We sustain a consistent level of quality, professionalism, credibility, and service. We ensure strict quality control. The condition of our composite steel grating ceiling is checked by our international standard Quality Assurance (QA) facility. QA steps are executed in every step of the whole production process.

You will find manufacturing precision production flexibility and dedicated 24/7 customer support while working with us. So, if you need a reliable Composite steel grating Ceiling manufacturer in China, Jiangyin Zhenyuan Steel Grating Co., Ltd. is the right option for you.


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